Terms of Use


Caster is a fun project for me and I'm excited to see others have fun with it as well.

Feel free to experiment with your copy of the code and game as you like but do not distribute the code or game content without prior consent from me.

If you wish to publish works using the Caster name or Caster game content, you must follow the following guidelines. Anything done must:

Feel free to share any videos, fan art, screenshots, mods, etc made with the game for non commercial use.

For commercial use, you may upload videos of Caster and share them on streaming sites such as YouTube and are allowed to put ads on them. If you would like to do something else with Caster for commercial use, you must let me know and receive prior consent.

If you have any further questions or want to use Caster in a fashion not specifically outlined in this document, please contact me at  


- Mike D. Smith