More Sunshine Animations…

More sunshine animations…

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Caster Fan Art

Here’s a little fan art I received from Ruairi Flynn (jhammo52).  He used some of the sketches found here ( as a base.

Great stuff!

He also has some great videos for Caster found here:

Thanks Ruairi!

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Shirts Ordered, Sketches Done!

Hey all!

We had about 50 orders for Caster t-shirts.  Since each shirt ships with an original hand drawn pencil sketch by yours truly, that means I did 50 of those as well.

Today I just finished the last of those and went ahead and scanned them all in and uploaded them for your viewing pleasure here:

I’ve submitted the t-shirt order and things are looking good.

It will still be a little while until the shirts are done, but I will let you all know once I’ve mailed them out.   Oh, and the shirts have a little something extra to make them true “Caster” shirts…. Any guesses what that might be?


T-Shirt Design

The release of the next update for Caster is fast approaching so, time to make another t-shirt design!

I’ve always liked the negative space design ideas for t-shirts where the color of the shirt becomes a dominant factor in the design itself.  Here’s an example of a favorite t-shirt of mine from back in high school:

I’ve also liked the idea of an unbalanced composition where the design sits on one side of the shirt.  Here’s an example of a design I did back in 1998.  The idea was that the picture should sit on the left side if the shirt.

And here’s what I just finished for Caster.  The black is replaced with the color of the t-shirt (preferably a dark color for higher contrast).  And since this is a “Caster” shirt, the white is of course glow in the dark.  (Click image for larger view).

Now who wouldn’t want a shirt like that!

Coloring Book Pages

Here are some drawings I did for coloring.

Download this zipped file to get all the pictures:

8 Coloring Book Pages

Feel free to share any completed colorings with me.


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New Character for Caster

When I first designed Caster, I wanted to have the option to play as a male or female character.  You can see that from these designs made in 2004.

Here’s a little run sequence I just finished for the new character in Caster.

I plan to include the new character in the next update on iPhone.

The character will of course also be available when I update the Desktop versions as well.


Caster Desktop Art

Someone requested I post up this image for people to use on their desktop etc, so here it is!

Right click HERE and save as to get the full sized version.

It is very large and you will most likely want to shrink it down before using it.


New Caster Screen Shot

Not much of a post, but it’s good to keep in practice.

New Caster screen shot for your viewing pleasure!

Yes, this is indeed the screen shot thats going to be used at the Independent Games Festival.

Yes, this is indeed the screen shot that's going to be used at the Independent Games Festival.

Progress on Caster is going very well! Just polishing off the version I will be submitting to the Independent Games Festival.

Viva La Indie!

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