Caster Mac Update, New Trailer!

The Mac version of Episode 2 is now up!

Also, check out this fantastic trailer that Marco Herold made:

Just finishing up the iPhone version.  Should be submitting it tonight!

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iWorth It Interview

Here’s an interview I did with iWorth It.  Too bad they didn’t spell the name of Elecorn properly.  Well, they’re not the first…. Elecron…. hmm.

“Elecron… the little known autobot that transforms form an elephant into a unicorn.”

New Character for Caster

When I first designed Caster, I wanted to have the option to play as a male or female character.  You can see that from these designs made in 2004.

Here’s a little run sequence I just finished for the new character in Caster.

I plan to include the new character in the next update on iPhone.

The character will of course also be available when I update the Desktop versions as well.


GDC Austin! iPort: How to Bring Any C++ Game to the iPhone

I’m heading off to Austin tomorrow morning to attend GDC Austin.

I will be giving a lecture on some stuff my friend and I learned while doing the iPhone port of Caster.

We hope that it will help other people considering porting their existing C++ games to the iPhone.

If you’re going to be at GDC Austin, look me up!

I’ll be posting the slides and notes after the conference.


Caster – Lydonia Chronicles: Music Video Contest


To celebrate the upcoming release of Caster Episode 2, I have asked famed video game rapper Random (aka Mega Ran) ( to record a new theme:

Caster – Random (right click to Save As to your desktop).

I am looking to you awesome player/game videographers to put a sweet Caster vid to this score. So I am holding a competition to create a dynamite music video to accompany the theme song. The competition starts today and lasts through the end of July.  I will choose several finalists and let Caster enthusiasts vote on a winner!

Winner Receives:

  • Custom made Caster t-shirt
  • Piece of original Caster artwork
  • Credit in the game
  • Notoriety of having their music video used as promotional material and the intro for the iPhone version of the game.

Qualified Entrants Receive:

  • Caster iPhone or desktop wallpaper


  • You must only use Caster art or other art that you have a license to use.
  • You may add additional sound effects, but they should not obscure the base music track.
  • Keep it clean / family friendly.
  • Use the entire song.
  • Use the Caster title in the first part of the video.


  • Fast action.
  • Showing off the different attacks and abilities in the game.
  • Something that fits with the song.
  • Please use a high quality video compression scheme that is a fairly standard format.

When you have something ready that you’d like to submit, just e-mail me a link to where I can download the video (like a file share website) or write me to obtain access to my FTP server.

And that’s it!  Have fun!  I’m excited to see what you come up with!

Let me know if you have any questions:

Inspiration (some existing YouTube videos to check out):

Interview on iGame Radio

Header04aLast year at Casual Connect in Seattle, I met Omaha from iGame Radio.

Here’s a recent interview we did on Caster.


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Caster Persona for Firefox


If you use Firefox for your web browser, you can check out the Caster persona here.

This will decorate the border of your browser window.

Also, if anyone is interested in making a Caster themed persona, let me know!  I can provide source art etc and can approve the persona that you want to submit.


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Caster Episode 2 Music Preview!

Caster episode 2 will be introducing new tracks by Trance Emerson.

Here’s a sample of some work hot off the press:

Not Alone (mp3)

Not Alone (ogg)

If you like what you hear, please check out more of Trance Emerson’s work on iTunes or CDBaby.

Caster Released on iPhone!


This announcement is a bit late.

Lots has been going on and I haven’t had a chance to post.

But yeah, Caster and Caster Lite are now available on iPhone!

Now I’m focusing my energy on episode 2 for all platforms.

Caster on iPhone Video

I was feeling a bit sick today, but the entire day was not a complete wash.

I went ahead and video taped me playing a level of Caster on the iPhone.  It should be out in April.  Until then, enjoy!

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