Rainbow Ball now available on PC

 I had not intended on doing it, but someone asked so here it is:

Rainbow Ball into Adventure for PC

It comes with no guarantees!

If you have a Windows Phone 7, I highly recommend getting it for that.  The controls ended out working really well.  It is also available in its pure original form for Xbox 360 Indie games.

Special thanks to Elwood ( for letting me use his song “Sunshine“.

The game plays best on PC with an Xbox 360 controller. If you use the keyboard, A, S, W, D, SPACE, Y, and J do stuff.

No, I do not plan to fix or update the game.


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Caster on WebOS: Palm Pre2 and TouchPad!

My good friend Spencer Nielsen recently finished porting Caster to webOS and it is now available for download!

You can grab it here:

You can also read about the work he did here:



Caster in top 10 in Mac App Store!

Following a temporary price reduction of Caster from 4.99 to .99 for the remainder of February, Caster has moved into the top 10 selling games in the Mac app store. If this trend keeps up, I’m tempted to put Lexov on hold and go back to working on multiplayer for Caster.

You can get it here for a buck!

In other news, I’ll soon be posting an update on Lexov about some of the physics optimizations I’ve been using.


Caster in the Mac App Store

After a few eye rolling head shaking rejections, Caster is finally available in the Mac App Store.

You can get it here:


Rainbow Ball into Aventure is LIVE!!!


My family’s game passed review and is now available for purchase for a mere 80 Microsoft points!  Check it out today!  It’s the most fun you’ll have since Katamari Damacy!

Thanks all!

Rainbow Ball into Adventure Submitted to XBox Indie Games!

Just submitted our family’s game off to Xbox Indie Games.

Hoping it hit’s the market before the holidays.

See final trailer below:

Shirts Ordered, Sketches Done!

Hey all!

We had about 50 orders for Caster t-shirts.  Since each shirt ships with an original hand drawn pencil sketch by yours truly, that means I did 50 of those as well.

Today I just finished the last of those and went ahead and scanned them all in and uploaded them for your viewing pleasure here:

I’ve submitted the t-shirt order and things are looking good.

It will still be a little while until the shirts are done, but I will let you all know once I’ve mailed them out.   Oh, and the shirts have a little something extra to make them true “Caster” shirts…. Any guesses what that might be?


Counter-Strike Update!

Sadly, many times game studios work on projects that are confidential and never see the light of day.

Thankfully this one is out!

Hidden Path Entertainment worked with Valve on this update.  I didn’t help much on this one, but am excited for it’s release nonetheless.

Check it out here:


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iPhone Update is out!

Caster has been updated on the iPhone!  Enjoy!

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