Hey Everyone!

I’m happy to announce that I’m making some Caster t-shirts! (as seen above, white ink on a black shirt see also http://elecorn.com/blog/2010/02/t-shirt-design/).

If you are interested in getting one of these fine limited edition shirts, send an e-mail with your preferred t-shirt size and style and a shipping address to:

*Put “Caster” somewhere in the subject line so that it will pass through any filters and I’ll be sure to get it.

No need to pay now! Once you get your shirt, you can pay for it by clicking on the “Donate” button found here:

The shirts will cost me about $20 to $25 USD each plus shipping and handling but feel free to pay what you like.  I’d rather people have t-shirts that want them than not getting one because of price.

In addition, each t-shirt will ship with a unique hand drawn sketch from your’s truely (requests are encouraged)!

I’ll only be taking orders for a week, so be sure to send them in soon.

One more thing!

For this next week I’ve set up a pay-what-you-want* option for Caster similar to what has been done for several other independent video games.  If you think Caster is too over or under priced, this gives you the option to pay what you think the game is worth!  Spread the word!  All the fun fast paced action of Caster at a price that anyone can afford!  Just follow the instructions found at the bottom of the page here:

Thanks all!  And thanks for supporting Caster!

*Pay-what-you-want only applies to the PC, Mac, and Linux versions of Caster.