Caster Redefines Mobile Gaming with Novel Manga Approach

Apple’s App Store opens whole new channel for publishing games in frequent, chapter-size increments

Duvall, Washington – September 21, 2009 – Independent game developer Elecorn LLC is bringing a brand new style of game delivery to the App Store with Caster, a high speed free roaming fantasy themed third-person shooter. Unlike traditional games that deliver story lines in large sequels or expansion packs, Elecorn is leveraging the power of the App Store to use an incremental publishing style that resembles Japanese manga and anime.

“With the App Store, you can quickly distribute updates and new content to every end user with a few clicks. This allows us to do something new in games.  We can make a truly episodic game that unfolds one episode at a time,” says Mike D. Smith, principal of Elecorn and Caster’s key developer.  With the debut of Chapter 2, Caster advances its brand new format of episodic releases that expands the gameplay and explores an incredible epic story.

Chapter 2 “The Lydonia Chronicles” was released September 18th 2009 and is a free update to all those who currently own the game. The game normally sells for $2.99, but to celebrate the release of Chapter 2, Elecorn is holding a 33% off sale.

Caster is an episodic game that presents an intense third-person action shooter experience with pulse pounding music. In the game, the player dashes across scenic locations destroying bug like creatures called the Flanx using six unique attacks that include massive terrain deformation and high speed barrages of energy blasts. All new episodes are released periodically for free.
Caster is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and iPhone at

Elecorn LLC is a small, independent software development company operated by Michael D. Smith. Caster is the latest in a series of games developed by Elecorn, which is also known for its animation software TweenMaker (  In addition to leading Elecorn, Smith also serves as a senior programmer for Hidden Path Entertainment.