So I gave myself and some of my friends a challenge to make a game in 10 hours.

My purpose for this was to have an excuse to finally try out the Unity engine for real.  Not just playing around with it here and there, but legitimately trying to make a real game with it.  Here is the result:

A, S, W, D and Arrow keys to move / shoot or use an xbox 360 controller.  You’ll need to download the small unity plugin for your browser if you haven’t already.


And here’s what Kyle Schouviller did using the Flat Red Ball Engine:


I went through the Unity tutorial and played around a little bit before getting started.

I had an idea for a game design… however, I never got to that point with this project.  I still plan on trying out the game design idea (probably with the Caster engine), but the main purpose of this was to take Unity 3D for a test run.

I met with the Unity Team a year ago at Casual Connect in Seattle.  At the time they were just starting to get some traction.  I was immediately impressed with their tech and paradigm for game development tools.

There are so many good things I can say about Unity, but I’ll just some it up with it’s done right and it’s awesome.

So where does that leave me with my Caster engine?  Well, I’m a “right tool for the job” kind of guy.  There are some things the Caster engine does better than Unity and some things Unity does better.  Depending on the type of project I do next, I could go either way…. I could, but I think I’ll just stick with the Caster engine.  More control (I can fix bugs in the engine instead of hoping Unity does it), better performance, super sweet features you won’t find in any other engine ^_^.

So when looking into what engines to use for your next indie project, I suggest you check out the following and see which one best fits your needs.  Prices vary, but FlatRedBall is free.

FlatRedBall  (www.flatredball.com) Xbox Live Communities / PC / Silverlight in the works, best developer support you will find anywhere.

Blade3d (www.digini.com) Xbox Live Communities / PC

Unity (www.unity3d.com)  Mac, PC, Web Browser, iPhone, Wii

Viva la Indie!