My first job in college was to create several dozen 16×16 icons for an engineering software package.  Obviously at this level you work per pixel since every pixel counts.

In the app store, icons need to be 57 x 57 pixels.  While this allows you to do quite a bit, it’s still a small space to work in.

When designing the icons for Caster, I wanted to convey a sense of movement and power as well as display something representative of the game.

Here’s the icon I came up with for the first version of Caster:


While I like this icon because it’s clear, I don’t really like how it looks.  I decided to do a new icon for the next update for Caster using this source art:


Click HERE to download a high res version.

Here are a few icons I came up with:



I think I’m going to go with with the last one.

Hopefully this will help it stick out a bit more.

Which icon is your favorite and why?