I’ve been hoping for some time that the iPhone version of Caster would show up on the “New and Noteworthy” list in the AppStore.

That hasn’t happened yet… but it might be because it’s on the “What’s Hot” list instead!


Granted, I’m about 10 pages in for apps in general, but for games I’m on the first page.

So how have sales been on iPhone?  Eh.  Let’s just say I’m hoping they’ll pick up when I release episode 2.

However, since being featured on a prominent German new site (http://www.golem.de/0905/67071.html), sales for the Linux version have gone up significantly.  In fact, they’re starting to rival the PC and Mac sales (outside of Steam).

This was very surprising to me as I assumed that no one would ever pay for anything on Linux.  I guess there just may be some hope for games on Linux after all!