So I did it again. I took and completed the challenge. Only this time… it was challenging in a way I didn’t even consider… scheduling.

Whats this?  A guest appearance from Caster?What’s this? A guest appearance from Caster?

If you don’t know what a working day comic is, it’s a 24 page comic book made from concept to completion within a standard eight hour working day. More info on 24 hour comics and working day comics can be found here: and here: Working Day Comic

Here’s a link to the comic:

Life Light

Even though the actual process of making this comic was pretty easy for me, this comic was close to not being done at all. I’m an assistant webelos leader for my church, so on the day of the 24 hour comic event, I had agreed to attend the also once a year scout leadership training conference. This is an all day even from 7:30 am until 5:30 pm.

I had resigned myself to the fate that I probably wouldn’t be able to pull it off this year… however, just in case, I brought along some copy paper and a BIC pen.

As it turns out, most of the meetings were not very involved. The speakers mostly stood up there and gave us some info and I took notes where it made sense. Well, I now saw my opportunity to get two birds with one stone and work on the comic during these meetings. However, I would still be VERY short on time. I figured I would probably end up having about 4 hours or so total to create my comic. This meant drawing a page every 10 minutes or less.

The result is a fairly simpler comic, no text, and a little artsy. Since I new I didn’t have much time, I didn’t bother spending much time on any given page. I added detail where it made sense, but didn’t bother cleaning anything up and tried to make every line count.

In the end, I think I may like this comic better than peas and carrots that I did last year. I’ve been wanting to do a comic with a little more meaning, something more significant than a joke or fun action stuff, and I feel I achieved that. I ended up putting some action in this one (and it does seem out of place) because, well, I mean c’mon! It’s fun!